Ricardo Daniel Maffei  

Head Coach



Advantage Sport Agency


Coach with great character and worker like none. Excellent defensive works both in trainings and in games.

Very perfectionist in the scout of  other teams, which gives unsurpassable weapon to his players at the moment of defending and to attack.

He favours very much the psychology of the human being and has an excellent treatment with his players and people in general



Employed in young teams at Club Belgrano of San Nicolas from the year 1981 to 1990.Reference. Mr Eseverri Ricardo, president, 54 9 3461 574207
went  to national league "C" in the year 1989.

Went  to National league "B" in1990.
1990-91, 91-92, 92-93 Belgrano of San Nicolas (national League "B")
 to TNAin 1993
1993-94, 95-96, 96-97 BelgranoSan Nicolas (National Tilt of Ascent)
Season 1996-97-Chosen TRAINER OF THE YEAR of the TNA
Season 1996-97 - CHAMPION of the TNA


1997-98, 1998-99 national league with Belgrano of San Nicolas
1999-00, 2000-01 National league To Libertad de Sunchales 2000-2001  FINALIST ( reference, Mr Chiabrando Jorge, President. 54 3493 423495- cell 54 9 3493 664159
Organizer of 1er campus " The tigers of the Future " with 116 players.
Organizer of the 2nd campus " The tigers of the future " with 98 players.
Season 2000-2001 SUBCHAMPION league"A" , DIVISION 1

He obtained the classification to dispute the SOUTH AMERICAN LEAGUE in it's season 2002-2003

Season 2001-02 Andino of La Rioja (left due to money problems)


Season 2002 Toros de Aragua (Venezuela pro league LPB ) Reference, Mr Tulio Capriles, President, 58 243 269 4518

cel phone 58 414 358 3247


Season 2002. Monterrey, Mexico. Fuerza Regia, LNBP 1st division,  (SEMIFINAL ),  Mr Sergio Ganem, President, 52 81 80711350


Season 2003. Mexico, Mexico City. La ola roja. LNBP 1st division (FINAL) Mr Armando Baraldi Brisceño .

52 55 51065867- 52 55 52809204


Mexico, LNBP, 1st Division, FINALIST


2004. signed with Panama  NATIONAL TEAM HEAD COACH

mr. Hernan Hernandez , general  secretary,  mobile  507 674 0520


Tel. 507 236-5111 Tel.  Fax 507 236-0478


2004. Centrobasket Tournament, with Panama . Bronce medall.

Get a place to pre-world championship in 2005


2004. Mexico. LNBP. Lobos de la Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila.

Mr Francisco Siller, President, 52 844 432 2099- cel 52 844 124 3716

Won Independence Cup. Champion


2005, Spain, Aguas de calpe, LEB 1  ( Reference, Mr. Alberto Fernandez, GM )


2005, Mexico, Correcaminos Victoria, Div 1. ( REFERENCE, Mr. Robledo, Modesto, 52-834 318 1827 )

Independence Cup, Final

2006 Belgrano San Nicolas, 1st division Argentina

2006 Al Ittihad, Saudi Arabia.



2006. Saudi Arabia NATIONAL TEAM. Head coach

Brunei rimula shell Cup. SemiFinal.

Gulf Cup, for national teams,  Qatar august 2006, finalist.

Runnup to Preolimpics games


2006-2007. Ittihad, Saudi Arabia.


November 2006.

Prince Faisal bin Fahed


League 2006-2007


Top 6, April 2007


1st time in Saudi  Arabian  basketball history, that one team won all tournament without lose any game.

May 2007, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia





December 2007, Jordan, ASU club.

Jordan cup , Semi-final

Ref. Mr. Nihad Madi manager and player / +962795432164


May 2008, Dominican Republic, Club San Carlos

Ref. GM.  Mr.  Frank Prats +18097294808


August 2008. Mexico. LNBP. Pioneros Cancun


November 2008/April 2009, TNA Argentina, San Nicolas Belgrano

Run up to Play off. Lost in last round with Number 1 of the regular season.


July 2009/Feb. 2010 , Al Wasl,  Dubai, UAE


March 2010, Bucaneros de la Guaira, LPB Venezuela 1st division.

General manager Maruja Guevara 

July 2010 Signed Quilmes de Mar del Plata, Argentina


May of 2011 




July 2011 Quilmes, mar del plata, Argentina 1st div.


February 2012 Manama club, Bahrain 1st division




February 2013 signed as Panama national team head coach

(then FIBA suspend Panama federation and cannot go for any international cup

Seasons 1998-99; 1999-00; 2000-01; 2009-10; 2010-11 chosen by the CODITEP (commission of professional coachs ) for the dictation of the courses (years) of leveling.

July of 2011 International clinics , mar del plata 2011, conducted the clinic  with Sergio Hernandez, former argentina NT head coach and Oktay Mahmuti, head coah of  Galastasaray of Turkey–


2011-2012: Quilmes Mar del Plata (LigaA), left in Nov.'11
2013: Leones de Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic-LNB)
2013-2014: Al Sadd Sports Club Doha (Qatar-D1), hired in Dec.'13
Coach Assistant:
2014-2015: Belgrano San Nicolas (TFB)



Argentinean League Finals -01
Mexican LNBP Finals -03
Head Coach: Panamanian National Team -04
Centrobasket in Santo Domingo -04 (Bronze)
Arab Club Championships Finalist -06
Asian Club Championships Semifinals -06
Argentinian TNA Champion -11
Qatari League Finalist -14
Qatari Emir Cup Semifinals -14

Public national Account (ROSARIO'S NATIONAL UNIVERSITY =)
Licensed in administration (ROSARIO'S NATIONAL UNIVERSITY)


Some Clinic's realized

31/5 to 3/6 of 1984 *nb=p; Buenos Aires
Jose "pepe" Lazo / Aito Garcia Reneses

27 on May 31, 1985 Firenze, Italy                                   
Jim Valvano (north Carolina state)
Mario Blassone (Atte. Italian national team)
Alessandro Gamba (National coach of Italia)

On August, 1986 *nb=p; Buenos Aires
VII South American Stage
Moncho Monsalve
Ary Ventura Vidal
Jack Ramsay
Alberto Finguer

On June 19, 20 and 21, 1987 *nb=p; Buenos Aires
Terry Layton

6 to 11 of September of 1987 San Pablo, Brazil

VIII stage Sudamericano

Dale Brown (coach of Shaquille O'neal in LSU)
Maria Hellene Cardozo (selection Brazil woman)
Ary Ventura Vidal (selection Brazil masculine)
Jose "pepe" Lazo
Mario Hoppenhaien (the director school umpires F.I.B.A)

NOVEMBER 6, 7 and 8 1987 Saint Nicholas
Prof. Alberto Finguer

On July 22, 1989 Buenos Aires
Prof. Edgardo Vecchio
Prof. Daniel Pacce

On November 10, 11 and 12, 1989 Buenos Aires
Prof. Edgardo Vecchio
Prof. Jorge Alvarez
Jorge Weil
Dr. Nestor Lentini

On April 18 and 19, 1990 Saint Nicholas
Julio Lamas
Luis Calderon (National trainer of CUBA)

JUNE 10/11 1990 Buenos Aires
Mario Pesquera (ACB coach of the year )

On August 7,8 and 9, 1990 Rosario, World Argentina 90
Bill Guthridge (North carolina)
Sandro Gamba (Italian national team)
Antonio Zorzi ( Italian national team )

20 on June 30, 1991 Rome, Italy
Basket City Camp

On October 16,17 and 18, 1992 Buenos Aires

Hubie Brown
Dell Harris
Stan Albeck
Jack Ramsay

On November 14, 1992
Flor Melendez ( Puerto Rico, head coach)

On June, 1993 Rosario

Clinic Pan-American Under 23

Roy Williams = (university of Kansas)
Jim Calhoun (university of connecticut)

On May, 1994 Buenos Aires
Bobby Knight (university of Indiana)                                             

On July, 1995 Giorgia tech - Atlanta, GA
" Pro development camp "
Bill Walton and Bob Hill
Gordy Chiesa (Utah jazz assistant coach)
Tom Barrise (New Jersey Nets assistant coach)

On August, 1998 Buenos Aires
Hubie Brown

On August, 1999 Buenos Aires
Manuel "lolo" Sainz (national Trainer of Spain)

On June 23,24 and 25, 2000 Parana, Entre Rios
Sergio Scariolo (trainer Real Madrid, ACB champion )
Sergio Hernandez (champion ties National Argentina)
Gustavo Of Benedetti (trainer Argentinian under 23 national team)

On August, 2000 Buenos Aires
Manuel Comas
Mario Blassone
August of 2.001 Buenos Aires

Ettore Messina Campeon euroleagues
Champion of Italy (coach of Kinder Bologna)

July of 2002, Buenos Aires, Zelimir Obradovic

5 Times european champion

August of 2002, San Juan de Puerto Rico.

Panamerican clinic.

The only one coach sended by Olimpic comitte from argentina.

March of 2004. Zarate, Bs As. Clinic international

Prof. Ruben Magnano, Argentina national coach.

Lic. en psicology Liliana Grabin. Director of departament of sport psicology of CENARD

August of 2004, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Coach Hamilton Lenard( Florida State, head coach ),

Stan Jones, ( Florida state , assistan coach )

July 2005, 13 to 26, Malaga, Spain.     XXIX  CLINIC FOR SUPERIOR LEVEL