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FIBA – Degree: Fiba Coach Number of License: 2011023694

Italian Basketball Federation – Degree: National Coach (1st degree) Number of License: 022187

Nationality: Serbian

Hometown: Belgrade, Serbia

Current City: Casablanca, Morocco

 I was born in Belgrade, Serbia on October 21st 1963. My first experience as a basketball coach came back in 1988 in Belgrade where I coached junior team of club USCE. From year 1990 to year 1992 I have coached in Croatia, A2 league team from city of Porec. All of the basketball schools and certificates (coaching license) to this point I made in Serbia. Since1993. I have been coaching in Italy, where I have upgraded my license from 1999 in Italian Coaching School. From 2011, I’m FIBA international coach.


1993 – 1995 Series B Italy, Vicenza

Head Coach Of All Junior Program

1995 – 1997 Series A Italy, Cantu'


Senior Team Assistant Coach

Coach of Junior Program

1997 – 1999 Series C Italy, La Maddalena

Senior Team Head Coach

1999 – 2000 Series B Italy, Catania

Senior Team Head Coach

2000 – 2002 Series A Italy, Udine

Head Coach Of All Junior Program

2002 – 2003 Series B Italy, Catania

Senior Team Head Coach

2003 – 2004 Series B Italy, Potenza

Senior Team Head Coach

2004 – 2006 Series A Italy, Udine

Senior Team Assistant Coach

Head of Scouting Office

In Charge of All Junior Team


2006 – 2008 Series A Italy, Scafati


Senior Team Assistant Coach

Head of Scouting Office

In Charge of All Junior Team


2008 - 2010 Egypt


Head Coach Of Egyptian National Team

Head Coach of U-16 and U-18 Boys and Girls National Teams

2009 -2010 Saggese Club, Lebanon

Senior Team Head Coach

2009 - 2010 Craiova, Romania

Senior Team Head Coach

2010 – 2015 WAC, Morocco

Senior Team Head Coach


1992 won the regional championships and fourth place in the national championships for players under 16 and under 18 years. Two players have continued studying and playing basketball in college in NCAA Player Nedzad Gusic on Catawba College and player Leo Budija on North Dakota

1994 won the regional championship with team under 16 and player Adriano Pigato played for Italian National Team under 16. Three players, Adriano Pigato, Fabio Marcante and Luca Della Vecchia continue their career and had a huge experience in Italy 1st division teams

1996 won Italian championship with team under 16 as coach of Pallacanestro Cantu. Won senior championship as assistant coach in A2 Italian league with coach Dado Lombardi. Four young players from my youth team finished in Italian national team under 18. Players Cristian Di Giuliomaria, Lorenzo Ceper, Bernardo Bruscchi and Emanuelle Della Felba. First experience as personal coach for individual workout with NBA player Thurl Lee Bailey (8 NBA seasons with Utah Jazz and Minnesota Timberwolves) with who I am worked for two summer.

1997 first experience as Head Coach in Italy after obtain Italian coach license for 1 degree

1999 first experience as Head Coach in Italy after obtain Italian coach license 2 degree and safe team from Catania from last position on classification to maintain B league

2000 as Head Coach with Italian coach license 3 degree (national coach) make a selection and worked in Udine with my first NBA player Sasa Vujacic (NBA champion with LA Lakers and player of New Jersey Nets ) and also with future Italian National team player Joel Zachetti and player Sasa Cuic who finished hes career in NCAA high level college team Oregon State

2004 as assistant coach and head coach of youth teams start to prepared my second NBA player Uros Slokar (Toronto Raptors) as personal coach for individual workout. On the same time worked with John Wallace NBA veteran with 8 seasons in NBA

2006 start to prepare my third NBA player Luigi DaTome who on that time was Italian National Team player. In Scafati team also worked as personal coach for individual workout with another NBA veteran Anthony Carter (12 seasons NBA player)

2007 Head Coach of Treviso Summer professional League and worked with Puerto Rico National Team star Rick Apodaca

2008 Head Coach of Treviso Summer League and start to work as Head Coach of Egypt National Team man

2009 international competition with senior man National team of Egypt. Won qualifications for Zone5 in Kigali Ruanda. Arab Championships in Morocco silver medal. AfroBasket 2009 8th place. With Egypt national teams under 16 boys and girls and under 18 boys and girls won 2 silver and 2 gold medals and put Egypt first time on World Cup in the best 12 teams on the world in youth competitions

2010 in Lebanon as head Coach of team of Sagesse without foreigner players placement in the play off. In Craiova, Romania, safe 1st division for the team who lost 20 from 24 games in regular season

2013 with Wydad Basketball Team played 3 consecutive finals of play off. Won championship title. Promote young players Reda Ali Harras and Ali Lahraechi as younger players in senior national team on Afrobasket 2013.

2015 promote another two young players in senior national team of Morocco ( Zakaria Ait Fettah and Yassin Deraa) and took semifinals of play off and semifinals of cup competition with youngest team in Morocco basketball history.


In the off season, I have worked individually with some of the most important European basketball players. During the summer I was in charge of basketball camp like Head Coach in Italy (Basketball Camp a Grado), Serbia (Yubac Basketball Camp) and Slovenia (Basketball Academy) in Kranjska Gora. 

Personal & Reference


I finished College degree 1 communications. I’m Fluent in English, Italian and Serbian language and talking French. I’m married with Mrs. Teresa and I have a daughter Helena (1992).


Mr. Teo Alibegovic General Manager of Snaidero Basketball – Udine, Italy

Mobile Phone: +393487471800, E-mail: teomanalibegovic@tiscali.it

Mr. Milan Opacic General Manager of BC Red Star – Belgrade, Serbia

Mobile Phone : +38163241166, E-mail: opacic_milan@hotmail.com

Mr. Zoran Radovic FIBA Development Director

Office Phone : +41225450000, E-mail: radovic@fiba.com